I have to admit that sometimes the little things, which can turn into big things, bug me.  I think about them for a long time.  In this case it turned out to be a good thing.  I had a brainstorm.  What might you ask was it?  DUCT TAPE!!!!  This would save me so much time and energy trying to take apart the greenhouse that was partially complete and dealing with the store to get them to take the greenhouse back, then I would have to find a replacement.  The other option would have been trying to contact the manufacturer, which is not another great thought for me since who knows how long it would take to get the replacement parts.  I decided I would just tape the pieces that were cracked and hold it secure that way.  It is really sturdy and no one will know unless they come inside and really look.  The cover will hide the silver tape.

So the main structure of the greenhouse is just about done.  I have to complete the roof tomorrow.  I was in a hurry this afternoon trying to finish it in between things I had going on and I totally couldn’t figure it out.  I can’t find the diagram anywhere so I was at a loss.  Well, brainstorm #2.  Tomorrow, I know how to finish it.  Boy, I did a lot of thinking outside the box today.

I moved my little greenhouse outside today to start the hardening off process. As soon as the other greenhouse is done, they will go in there for another week or so and then I will put them in the ground.  I am so excited for that!!  I can then start some pumpkin, sugar snap, zucchini and spinach in the greenhouse to get a jump on the season.  I will still plant some outside in a bit and get alternating harvests.

Now, just keeping my fingers crossed that everyone makes it through this transition.  I have lost a couple of seedlings but that is normal, still sad, but normal.  I am hoping to post some pictures of the various things going on tomorrow.  It is time for me to work on my paper for school, which of course, is due tonight.

Happy planting!!!




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