Greenhouse failed

I was hoping to have a picture for you all today.  We purchased a 5’x5′ greenhouse to move the plants that are ready to be hardened off outside.  This would leave me with the indoor greenhouse to start a few more plants that I wanted to start.  Well, the assembly was a bit of an issue.  Mind you, I have assembled many things through the years, my indoor greenhouses, dollhouses, matchbox tracks, train tracks, dressers, you name it.  Today was not one of these glowing moments.  It seemed relatively simple.  The diagram was a little misleading in which length pole went in which position.  I ended up building it sideways on one of the sides of the greenhouse.  The other side there were poles with unfinished edges and ended up cracking the connectors.  so I used the good pieces and got one side completely done, but I am now short not only connectors, but poles that cracked.  I am really disappointed in this product.  I am also disappointed to not be posting a picture for you today.

On the positive side, I separated most of my tomato plants last night.  They are looking happy and vibrant now.  I had a little over watering issue, I think.  Some of them were starting to have fuzz grow on the soil.  I have let them all dry out a little for the last few days and have opened the front flap on the greenhouse.  They look much happier now.  I will post some updated pictures tomorrow.  I can’t wait to get these babies in the ground.  I hope all of your garden plans are coming along as well.

Happy planting!!





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