Knit doll clothes

Today is a chilly, rainy day. It feels more like fall than spring. Plans for putting the plants outside are on hold til the forecast looks more promising.

Today, I thought I would show you pictures of the two outfits I finished for an “American Girl” size doll. I love the way they came out. They were made using free patterns I found online. The little sweater I did modify from the dress pattern. I used thinner yarn and a size smaller needles. It was perfect. I also changed the waistband on the pants from the original pattern. They made belt slots for a 70’s look. I changed it by ribbing. Very fun and different project.

Emma's outfit photo(7)This is a view of the ribbing I used to alter the waistbandEmma


Just for fun, I thought I would put in a picture of the sock yarn bear I just finished.  He was a fun project which I am glad is done.  Sock yarn, in the round, for a small project can be tough on the hands.  My little guy loves him so I am thrilled.


Happy crafting


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