Garden Fever

It has been beautiful here for the last few days. I am itching to get my garden ready and the seedlings planted. It will be another few weeks before they can safely go in the ground, but the little greenhouse may get moved outside so they can harden off. It really is an exciting process. You plant a tiny seed, care for it, pray they all come up, and watch them grow.   Sharing it with your children is another added bonus.  Watching them get excited about the baby plants is wonderful.  The first time you eat from one of your plants is so fulfilling. It is almost addicting.

This greenhouse is wonderful.  The plants grow like mad in it.

This greenhouse is wonderful. The plants grow like mad in it.

The cucumbers are separated and most are growing tall and strong. A few are struggling, but I am hoping they will survive. I would love to get some pickles made this year.


The tomatoes are growing very well. They need to be separated as well, but I don’t think I have enough room in my greenhouse for all of them.


The peppers are growing as well. They are a little slower as they are ready for harvest later in the season.


My little strawberry plants are adorable. They are growing slowly but surely. Who would have thought that the plants started out as teeny as they are.

It is hard to see all of them in this picture.  They all seemed to grow on one side.

strawberries It is hard to see all of them in this picture. They all seemed to grow on one side.

Next week the greenhouse will be moved outside for hardening off. I will miss them inside, but it is time. I will plant some pumpkins, zucchini, and sugar snap peas to have an earlier harvest and sow the rest in the ground. My nasturtiums and marigolds are getting really tall and ready to go out as well. I will also plant morning-glory seeds which my mother saved from her flowers last year. It is such a great feeling to share things you have grown.


This year I am going to try using Epsom Salts as a fertilizer.  I have read that it helps your plants grow stronger.  I have also read if you spray them on your pepper flowers it will make them fruit sooner.  This is another theory I will have to try.

Last year my mother was given Fred (a cherry tomato plant) This year she will receive Fredericka. Maybe a cucumber plant will adopt her as well and possibly a pepper or flower or two. That is part of the joy of gardening to me. Not only the fresh produce, but hearing how others enjoy theirs. I will also be sharing with my in-laws and my best friend this year.  We will see what else this planting season brings.

Happy Planting!


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